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All you want to know about MBA and CAT 2021 preparation!

Discover everything you need to know about how an MBA can help you advance professionally. An answer to your queries like What is an MBA? Why an MBA? Etc.

Introduction to MBA:

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a globally recognized degree that prepares individuals with both theoretical and practical aspects to help them better understand the basic functions of business management. The MBA has value outside of the business world as well. An MBA can also be beneficial for those seeking a managerial role in the public sector, private companies, or other fields.

Consulting, human resources, finance, and marketing are just a few of the streams covered in an MBA. The fact that students from any background, i.e., Science, Commerce or arts ora person with no work experience, few years of work experience, or extensive work experience can pursue this course makes MBA one of the most desired courses.

Instead of an MBA, many management institutes offer a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) or Post-Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management. A regular program is typically for two years. However, some institutes provide one-year programs.

If you want more versatility and want to acquire skills that all companies value, an MBA degree is for you. This adaptable degree provides the framework to build abilities you would need to take on a managerial position, start up a career in a new industry or a new field, or increase your salary. It helps one in developing a holistic approach to develop or run a business. It helps one in personality development, networking, communications, and many more abilities, thus opening gates for better career opportunities.

Preparation tips for CAT:

'Smart Preparation' entails a systematic, properly planned approach along with time management. Aspirants should avoid the tedious, pointless preparation that takes up a lot of their time for little benefit.

It is pointless to do unnecessary hard work unless aspirants are thoroughly aware of the key components and sections in the CAT exam pattern, as well as the topics on which questions are asked in the CAT exam. The most important requirement is a comprehensive understanding of the CAT syllabus and exam pattern. The main areas to focus on during CAT preparation are the ability to select the right question, read them quickly and efficiently, and solving them rapidly and correctly.

Revise concepts and formulas regularly so that they remain clear and concise in memory untie exam day. Revise them in light of their application on various types of questions.

The question paper's difficulty level is typically moderate-difficult. The questions may be simple or difficult, but what matters is how quickly and accurately a candidate solves them. Increase the frequency of CAT mock tests at the end of the CAT 2021 preparation process.


A CAT exam aspirant needs a mix of vocabulary knowledge, effective and fast reading abilities, and cognitive abilities. Vocabulary knowledge is not just limited to knowing the meaning of words but also understanding what contexts the word can be used in. One needs to develop the habit of regular reading and should read diverse topics.

Try to grasp that RCs are not a tangle of random words, but rather a flow of thought, it is important to capture the flow and comprehend what is being said. CAT aspirants need to practice reading without getting distracted and to follow the flow.

In Para jumbles and sentence exclusion, instead of searching for the entire paragraph, look for interconnecting lines; this way, you'll have portions of the passage to help you see the overall picture way quicker.