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Updated: Jun 15

Bridge course aims to build and strengthen the concepts of students who have just passed Class 10th examinations and are looking to prepare for competitive exams. The course lasts for around 30 days and will help students get ready for the rigorous coaching for various competitive exams that they will be targeting. These national-level exams require great clarity of concepts to crack them and this bridge course will expose the students to these concepts, after which they will be able to build on those concepts to solve any problem which these exams will throw at them.

When the students reach class XI, suddenly due to the change in difficulty level and profoundness of the subjects, the students face lots of difficulties. Thus, we understand the necessity of a strong foundation and how crucial it is to start the preparation early in order to compete in these exams and hence we offer this bridge course to help students in their journey of cracking competitive exam.

Benefits of this course:

  • The Bridge course is best suited for students who have appeared for their Class 10th Board Exams. This course makes them utilize the time before they join class XI and that too with exposure to various IIT JEE/NEET concepts well in advance

  • It will help them to strengthen the fundamentals of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Besides, they will get exposed to how to apply the concepts in real life

  • When students reach class XI, they face a significant change in the difficulty level of various subjects. So, this early start enables them to get ready for a quantum jump in the level of difficulty

  • Moreover, exams like IIT JEE/NEET have a lot of application-based questions. So, the Bridge course enables them to make their concepts clear and further helps them to apply those concepts in different application-based problems that they might be facing in their upcoming exams

  • Students who have just appeared class X might be used to certain methods or approaches which may not be that much appropriate for classes 11th and 12th and for other competitive exams like IIT JEE/NEET. So, this Bridge course makes them understand the change and helps them to adapt to new methods of learning

  • This course helps them devise appropriate strategies for tackling the upcoming competitive exams and also to score great marks in Class 12th Board examination

Why Spark Academy for bridge course?

Spark Academy was established in 2004 and has more than 15 years of experience in training students for both bridge courses and for competitive exams. It has recently been ranked number 1 for being the best coaching institute in Hyderabad. Its experienced faculty and well-thought-of teaching methodology provide a great learning experience for all its students which helps to build their concepts and allows them to score big in all the exams they sit for.

The features of the course are:

  • Exclusive for 10th completed students

  • Online Coaching

  • Experienced Faculty

  • Personalized attention and doubt clearing sessions

  • High-Quality Study Material will be provided

  • Emphasis on basics and concept building

  • Assistance for Olympiads and for IIT JEE Foundation also available

Our teaching methodology:

Our approach is all about focusing on a theory first and then moving onto various problems based on the concepts taught earlier. We shall start right from the foundation and then move onto chapters that involve previously-learned concepts. For example, in Mathematics we have chapters like Quadratic equations, Trigonometry, etc. in our course module. All these concepts will further be used in other chapters which we will cover in the latter part of the course.

All these chapters are strategically placed so that students feel at ease when they move into class XI as by that time they would already be well aware of all the concepts. Our modules would also help them bridge the gap between different subjects. For example, differentiation is not only applicable to mathematics. It is also an integral part of physics. In this way, there is a connection among chapters of different subjects which we would focus on.

Our faculties would also discuss the pattern of questions asked in different competitive exams like IIT JEE/NEET. The Bridge course, therefore, would play an instrumental role in giving the students an overview of what they would be studying in class XI and XII and what to expect from various competitive exams.

Chapters to be covered:

Mathematics: Functions and problems based on applications, Quadratic Equations, Trigonometry, Binomial Theorem, Coordinate Geometry, Differentiation, and their applications

Physics: Mathematical tools in physics, Units and Measurements basics, Basics of Linear motion, Newton's laws of motion, Work and Energy, Oscillations and waves basics

Chemistry: Some Basic concepts of chemistry, Atoms, molecules, Valency and Radicals, Chemical Formula, Reaction Balancing, Chemical Bonding and molecular structure, Organic Chemistry

Biology: Diversity of living organisms, Life processes, Cell Biology, Importance of diagrams in NEET syllabus and questions that can be asked from them, Plant physiology, Human Physiology, Overview of things to be learned from NEET point of view, focus on memorizing methods in biology.

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