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IIT-JEE Mains 2022 Latest Update:

Due to technical errors in the first and second sessions, the Supreme Court declines to accept a plea for another chance.

On Friday, the Supreme Court declined to hear petitions asking it to order the National Testing Agency (NTA) to hold more sessions. Due to various technical difficulties, the first and second sessions of the IIT-JEE Mains Examination 2022 were both cancelled.

The petitioners decided to drop the plea when the panel of Justices DY Chandrachud, AS Bopanna, and declared their unwillingness to hear the case.

The IIT-JEE(Advanced) exam is set to take place on Sunday, and the bench stated that it does not wish to participate. "Let Sunday be the day of the exam. We wish to stay out of the way "Justice Chandrachud made an oral observation.

In his arguments on behalf of the petitioners, attorney Shoeb Alam noted that the Supreme Court had permitted 15 students to take the IIT-JEE(Mains) Exam in a second session after they encountered problems because of technical issues in the first session of the exam, which was held in June.

The Advanced exam is set to start in two days, therefore the bench acknowledged that it would be difficult to intervene at this point.

Let there be a degree of closure. By filing petitions, you are also making them more anxious, Justice Chandrachud stated orally. The petitions presented the complaint of the candidates who had participated in these sessions but had experienced technical difficulties, which they said had negatively impacted their performance. The following are the problems the candidates face, as described in the petitions.

· At first, none of the exam questions appeared on the screen; they then periodically disappeared and reappeared. the choices for where to go

· The options to move on to the next question, etc., sometimes stopped functioning.

· Software crashes and blank or frozen screens.

· New problems then surfaced because the invigilators were unable to assist with the difficulties.

· the difference between the final score and the options specified.

The petitions submit that even though numerous representations have been made to NTA since June 2022, there is no response to the same. The testing agency has not come up with a public notice informing the applicants that the JEE Mains 1st session would be conducted again. It appears that only on 08.07.2022, the discrepancies were noted by the NTA. Thereafter, on 18.07.2022, a few petitioners approached the Apex Court complaining about the technical glitches, and on 29.07.2022 relief was granted to only the petitioners in the said matter. On 28.07.2022, the NTA apprised some selected candidates via e-mail that they would be allowed to appear for an additional session to be conducted on 30.07.2022. The petitions aver that granting permission to re-attempt is ipso facto an admission that technical glitches had indeed marred the first session that took place in June 2022. The petitions further assail the arbitrary way opportunity was given to a selected few by NTA to retake the examination. The second session which was held in July 2022 also suffered the same fate. Accordingly, representations were made to NTA. The results of the second session were released with the final ranking list and there seem to be discrepancies in the final scores. The answers marked by the candidates are not matching with the final answer sheet. The petitions take note of the fact that with respect to the UGC-NET Examination when NTA came to know that it was faced with technical issues due to the installation of security patches to safeguard the exam mechanism, they had re-notified the said examination. The JEE Mains candidates were not issued any such notice. The applications have been submitted through Sumanth Nookala's attorneys.

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