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NEET Expected Cut-offs and paper analysis 2022

Neet exam happened last Sunday on this last Sunday i.e.,17th and the overall difficulty of the NEET UG 2022 exam was moderate compared to the previous year. The level of difficulty in physics has not changed compared to the previous year. At the same time, chemistry and biology were tougher than the previous year. However, there was something new in the paper as more assertive questions were asked.

The NEET Cut-off score is generally issued by the National Testing Agency. For each category, the NEET qualifying percentile score is assumed to remain similar. According to current trends, the projected cut-off score for NEET 2022 is 40% for students from the reserved category, 45% for PH candidates, and 50% for general category candidates. Last year, the general category's NEET qualifying marks for 2021 ranged from 138 to 720, while the OBC/SC/ST categories' qualifying marks ranged from 108 to 137.


NEET 2022 Expected Cut-off Score

NEET 2022 Expected Cut-off Percentile







General - PH






Subject Wise Analysis :

Chemistry Analysis:

  • Difficulty Level - Easy to Moderate

  • The majority of questions were based on statements, facts, and tables from NCERT.

  • A misprint in one of the questions prevented it from identifying the right response.

  • The statements were taken directly from NCERT with no modifications.

  • There were only 11 numerical questions in the test, and most of them were theoretical.

Physics Analysis:

  • 60 percent of the questions were in the numerical category, which is slightly less than the exam from the previous year.

  • The chapter Oscillations contained some questions that were somewhat difficult.

  • There were no questions that went beyond NCERT in the physics section, which was entirely based on NCERT.

  • Section B contained some questions that were somewhat challenging.

  • Two questions, one in Section A and one in Section B, used the Matrix-Match Type pattern and required additional time to answer.

  • Paper was not as long as it was the previous year and can easily be finished in time.

Botany Analysis:

  • Moderate to difficult in terms of difficulty

  • Some of the questions were challenging and seemed complex.

  • Only NCERT textbooks were used for the questions. Some of the questions were simple citations from the text.

  • With a few questions that were concept-based, the questions were mostly factual in nature.

  • 2 questions from Living World and Anatomy of Flowering Plants were wrong.

  • The paper was quite long because so many of the questions required big statements, which took time to complete.

Zoology Analysis:

  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate

  • Zoology The paper was long.

  • Some questions had the impression of being simple at first, but they were twisted and required accuracy and attention to the keywords.

  • Some questions from Biomolecules and Biotechnology and its Applications that went beyond NCERT were a surprising elements.

  • NCERT Textbooks were used for the majority of the questions.

  • Eight of the questions were based on chapters in biotechnology, which had a strong dominance.

  • Although the paper was heavily centered on NCERT, two to three questions seemed to be interconnected and required a thorough comprehension of ideas.

How to calculate the NEET cut-off 2022 Percentile?

  • Students can calculate NEET scores using the answer keys shared by the NTA. Students can match their answers with the answers on the NEET2022 answer key. 4 points will be awarded for each correct answer, and 1 point will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Questions that are unanswered or have multiple answers are not counted and points are not awarded.

  • Students can use the NEET score and NEET topper score for that particular year to calculate the NEET percentage.

  • NEET Percentile = NEET Score *100/ Topper’s NEET Score

By analyzing previous NEET scores and rankings we made category-wise cut-offs:

NEET previous years marks and percentile trends:

Telangana NEET Cut-off 2022 (Expected) for MBBS and BDS

Telangana NEET Cut-off 2022 (Expected) for MBBS:

Private & NRI Quota:

Telangana NEET Cut-off 2022 (Expected) for BDS

Government Quota:

Private & NRI Quota:

Why Spark Academy for NEET course?

Spark Academy was established in 2004 and has more than 15 years of experience in training students for NEET. It has recently been ranked number 1 for being the best coaching institute in Hyderabad. Its experienced faculty and well-thought-of teaching methodology provide exceptional learning for all its students, which helps them to score big in NEET.

Our courses and their features:

  • Hybrid Coaching- Online and Classroom

  • Highly experienced Faculty

  • Personalized attention and doubt clearing sessions

  • Access to a wide variety of both online and offline materials

  • Full-length mock tests

  • Weekly mock tests

  • Emphasis on basics and concept building

  • Shortcut Methods to solve questions quickly

Our teaching methodology:

In all the subjects, we will start with the basics. Some students would be exceptional in some topics and weak in some. Our teaching methodology is to focus on every student and try to convert the weak areas into his/her strong suits. Personalized attention will be given to ensure that every student would get his/her doubts cleared.

Our faculties would also take regular tests and give assignments to ensure that the students are always up-to-date with all the chapters taught in the class. Sufficient time is given for every section and stress is on all the essential topics/diagrams. Our study materials would also cover the entire syllabus, and students would not need to refer to other materials for the NEET exam and the boards.

  • Can be accessed both online as well as a classroom-Hybrid Coaching model

  • It will help them strengthen the concepts in Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Besides, they will get exposed to the application of concepts learned and problem-solving

  • The NEET exam-oriented preparation will be of immense benefit to them as they will be prepared regarding the exam pattern and the questions asked.

  • This particular course enables them to make their foundations clear and further shows how to apply those concepts in different application-based problems that they might be facing in the NEET exam.

  • This course also helps them devise appropriate strategies for tackling the upcoming competitive exams and even the Boards.

  • Our faculties have the right amount of experience in the NEET exam. So, they can give appropriate guidance to the students for the same

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